Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (outgoing Adjunct Chair of Equity) - Project Research & Development Engineer, BBC.

Previous Equity Talk Summary: Understanding Gender
All Equity Talks (running March through August, 2021)

Sketchnotes for Equity Talks #6: Research and Practice. A mixture of small sketches and text with yellow highlights summarising the discussion. Prominent elements include: (1) How to make space for Industry?, (2) What SIGCHI brings to Industry?, (3) How to mix people up in conferences?, (4) Moving forward together!
Missed the talk? See the sketchnote summary. Thank you to our sketch artist, Miriam Sturdee!

The sixth Equity Talks centred around Research and Practice and was hosted by Neha Kumar (then VP at Large, now President)…


Research page:; Works at the BBC. Known as What2DoNext on some platforms;

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