• Manish Lad

    Manish Lad

    softeng mgr @BBC_News_Labs, interested in team culture, software development and network infrastructure

  • BBC News Labs

    BBC News Labs

    Driving innovation for BBC News. Powered by @BBC_Connected.

  • Jonathan Tweed

    Jonathan Tweed

    Technical Product Manager at Wellcome Collection, a free museum exploring health and human experience.

  • David Bellisario

    David Bellisario

    Founder at Hardware Pioneers and Hardware Academy

  • tlindroth


    Wise about Digital Media, Higher Education, Mobility & Social interaction. PhD student in Informatics. Program Manager in Digital Media.

  • Dr Mariann Hardey

    Dr Mariann Hardey

    Writer. Digital thinker and tinkerer. One of those ‘women in tech’, with wit.

  • Robert Schmidt

    Robert Schmidt

    Agency CIO CA Food and Agriculture. I build bridges between business and technology. Views expressed are entirely my own. RTs are not endorsements.

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