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  • Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

    Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

    Associate Professor of Informatics, feminist, witch, XR storyteller ADHD, neurodivergent, poly, lesbian, trans woman, mom, she/her

  • Mark Billinghurst

    Mark Billinghurst

    Augmented Reality Expert, Professor of Human Computer Interaction, Interface Researcher, Entrepreneur

  • Karen Yunqiu LI

    Karen Yunqiu LI

    Senior design researcher and UX lead in the BBC. Former PhD researcher in computer science and post doc in HCI.

  • AccessSIGCHI


    AccessSIGCHI Community

  • Julie R Williamson

    Julie R Williamson

    Julie R. Williamson is an academic at the University of Glasgow and the current Vice President for publications for ACM SIGCHI.

  • Helena Mentis

    Helena Mentis

    Associate Professor and Associate Dean at UMBC; President of ACM SIGCHI.

  • Zillah Watson

    Zillah Watson

  • Elijah Meeks

    Elijah Meeks

    Chief Innovation Officer at Noteable. Formerly Apple, Netflix, Stanford. Wrote D3.js in Action, Semiotic. Ex-Data Visualization Society Executive Director

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